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Jeep 11" Brake Kit for 69-75 Jeep 44-1 Flanged Rear Axle with E-Brake

  • Jeepsters 69-71 need to use E-Brake cable from 72-73 Jeepster
  • Wagoners and P.U.'s would be the same system
  • Woody's can supply extra strong axle shafts for these jeeps with 44-1 flanged axle shafts

#WOODBKR11S-EB - $409.00 Kit

Jeep 11x2 rear brake kit with E-Brake for 69-75 CJ's with 44-1 Flanged style axle and 11" front brakes on 7/8 thick rotor, disc front brakes.

#WOODBKR11L-EB - $409.00 Kit

Jeep 11x2 rear brake kit with E-Brake for 69-75 CJ's with 41-1 flange style axle and 1 1/8' thick rotor, disc front brakes, and 69-73 Jeepsters, Wagoners and P.U's with 44-1 flanged style axle.


1941-75 Jeep CJs and International Scout Basic Front Disc Conversion Kit





#WOODBK7/8B - $450.00 Kit without Wheel Hubs

1941-75 Jeep Scout Basic Front Disc conversion kit without Wheel Hubs.

#WOODBK7/8C - $700.00 Kit

1941-75 Jeep and Scout Complete Front Disc conversion kit.

#WOODBK11/8HD - $800.00 Kit

1941-75 Jeep Scout Heavy Duty Complete Disc conversion kit.

  • Fits all CJ's w/Dana 23/25/27/30 Axles 1975 and Older.
  • Fits all Wagon's, P.U.'s plus F.C.'s w/Dana 25/27/30/44 Axles.
  • Fits all Scouts w/Dana 27/30 Axles 1975 and Older.
  • Front Wheel Hubs must have correct Rotor contact surface like shown in the picture of our complete kit!
  • Some Brake Drums are held on to the hubs by the studs being wedged. Beware of pushing them out w/o using a wedge cutter tool to cut down the wide part of the stud or you can stretch the stud hole in the wheel hub as you push out the drum style stud.
  • We can machine your parts if needed.
    • Cut down wedges & push out old studs - $20.00 Per Hub
    • Machine the back side for proper rotor contact - $25.00 Per Hub

    • Note: From 1966-77, hubs need machine work.
    • Be sure the bearing cups (Race’s) are tight in your hubs before machine work or use of any hub.


Jeep and Scout Style 11" Auto Adjust Front Brake Kit

#WOODBKF11L - $389.00 Kit

Jeep & Scout Late Style 11” Auto Adjust Front Brake Kit.

  • Jeep & Scout 11” front brake kit for all 1971 and older w/ Lug wheels. And w/ Brake Hose’s from Backing Plate to frame tab, on each side. (2 Hose System).

#WOODBKF11S - $389.00 Kit

  • Jeep 11” front brake kit for 1941-1965 CJ’s w/ hose’s that go from the backing plate to the Axle tube inboard of the knuckle over to a Tee. With a 3rd hose going up to the inside of the driver’s side Frame Rail. (3 Hose System).

Kit Includes:

  • Hose’s for the application. (long or short)
  • Wheel seals / different types used bearing info needed to supply proper seal.
  • Wheel bearing lock washers.
  • Backing Plate assemblies & Drum’s.
  • Will work on Scout’s & Scout II’s w/ Drum Brakes.
    • Jeep’s & Scouts with closed Knuckle Axles. We offer a safety stud kit that screw out from the right side, see photo’s.
    • And we also sell the proper fluid for the closed Knuckles.
    • Check your Bolts that hold on your locking hubs. “They are probably not correct”


Jeep Late Style 11" Auto Adjust Rear Brake Kit Without E-Brake

#WOODBKR11L - $389.00 Kit

Jeep Late Style 11" Auto Adjust Rear Brake kit w/o E-Brake. Jeep 11x2" Rear Brake upgrade for -

  • P.U.’s & Wagon’s w/o E-Brakes, 1965 and older & CJ’s 68 and Older with H.D. 1 1/8” thick disc kit on the front and that have 2 piece Axle & Hub.
  • Will work with stock Master Cyl.
  • Seal’s & Gaskets included.

#WOODBKR11S - $389.00 Kit

Jeep 11x2" Rear Brake upgrade for -

  • CJ’s 68 and Older w/11” front brakes or 7/8” thick Rotor Disc Front Brakes


Jeep Late Style 11" Auto Adjust Rear Brake Kit With E-Brake

Brake Kit


Jeep Late Style 11" Auto Adjust Rear Brake Kit w/ E Brake. 11x2” Rear Brake Kit upgrade for P.U.’s & Wagon’s with E-brake 1965 and older that have 2 piece Axle & Hub.

  • Will work with stock Master Cyl.
  • Outer hub seals & gaskets included.
  • This is a replacement system for P.U.’s & Wagon’s 1966-69 w/Dana 44 or 53 Axles.


#WOOHUBBOLT -Out of Stock

  • Jeeps, Scouts, 3/4 ton trucks & other rigs that have bolt on locking hubs. “Do Not” have threads in the outer 3/8” of the holes in the wheel hub! The bolts that hold on the locking hubs should have at least ¼” of bolt shoulder protruding threw the locking hub. With the correct bolts the hubs won’t work loose.
  • Lug shoulder necessary for proper contact area in wheel hub.


Jeep Disc Brake Caliper Bracket & Anti-Rock Tab Kit

#WOOJMCB41-77 - $160.00 Pair --- LIMITED SUPPLY!!!

Jeep Disc-Brake Caliper Bracket - NEW ANODIZED VERSION!

Vehicle Applications: 1941-77 Jeep CJ-All /1948-63 Willys Wagon & P.U / Willys FC Series / Jeepsters - C101 & C104 / 1962-73 Wagoneers & Gladiators / Scouts from 1961 to 74 (& Newer) / Rear of Jeeps 1969 & Older w/2 piece axle & hub.

  • Fits most Dana 25/27/30/41/44/53 axles.
  • Shipping around $30 depending on location.

#WOOCB-TABK - $20.00 Kit

Caliper Anti-Rock Tab Kit

  • Caliper Kit includes two left bracket tabs and two right bracket tabs.
  • Tabs fit Delco-Metric and Full-Size Brackets.
  • Kit Requires Wielding.



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