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Hood Related Parts
Willys Wagon Hood Ornament

1957-1965 Willys Wagon & Pickup Hood Ornaments

There is limited availability on these Ornaments depending on what we periodically have in stock. If interested, please call for pricing and availability.




Willy’s Wagon & P.U. Re-Chromed Grill Guards

$85.00 Exchange (Per Guard)

$50.00 Core Charge (Per Guard)

Tailgate Parts
Willy's Bumper Valance

#WOOWWRV - $87.00 Each

Willy’s Wagon Rear Bumper valance under Tailgate.

  • Bolts in under Tailgate hinge / Welded at corners.


Front Bumper

Willy's Wagon Bumper

Picture of a complete re-chromed Willy's Wagon front bumper kit

Willy's Overrider
Willy's Bumper Front


Willy’s Wagon & P.U. Bumper Guards & Overrider Set. Re-Chromed original parts.

$300.00 Exchange 5 Piece Set

  • Hardware sold seperately.



Willy’s Wagon & P.U. Front Bumper Re-Chromed (Non-Script)

$350.00 Exchange
$200.00 Core Charge (Non-Script type)

  • Hardware sold seperately.


Rear Bumper
Willy's Bumper Corners
Willy's Bumper Rear


Willy’s Wagon Rear. Re-Chromed original Bumper Corners.

$200.00 Exchange Each
$125.00 Core Each

  • Hardware sold seperately.



Willy’s Wagon Rear Bumper. Re-Chromed original “Willy’s Script”.

$350.00 Exchange
$200.00 Core Charge (Script Type)

  • Hardware sold seperately.


Miscellaneous Parts
Willy's Bumper Hardware

Willy's Wagon Chrome Bolt Kits

Willy's Front Bumper without Overrider - $17.95

Willy's Front Bumper with Overrider - $29.95

Willy's Rear Bumper with Corners - $22.95



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